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Embryo Export Centre

Global Reproduction Solutions is an Australian Department of Agriculture accredited embryo export centre.  We undergo a regular audit by Department of Agriculture authorities and maintain facilities to a standard as required by the OIE world standards.  This accreditation allows us to send embryos to many countries around the world and we have up to 100 donors of different breeds on the centre at any time, collecting embryos for export.

Due to the wide range of breeds represented we are able to produce embryos on a customized basis for specific markets.

Global Reproduction Solutions has also been specially accredited to produce embryos for export to China.  We are regularly visited by officials from the Chinese AQSIQ and have over the last 12 years produced many embryos that have been sent to China.

GRS is also an accredited EU embryo export centre.  We are able to produce embryos for all countries within the EU group and this has been a growing market over time. We have now appointed Helene Dubarle from DLG Export as our European representative.

Due to the different requirements of individual countries, GRS has a number of separate 'areas’ within the overall export facility. Donors are kept in 'areas’ to ensure compliance with various protocols and this means we need to maintain a high level of attention on what we are doing. The export of genetics across the world is an exciting industry to be in and it is very pleasing to see the results of our embryo exports appearing in the show rings and sales catalogues throughout the world.

Embryos for sale

GRS currently has a number of embryos for sale, each eligible for export to many countries throughout the world. We prefer to speak with potential buyers first, go though the criteria that they are seeking when looking for embryos, and then produce the style of breeding that best suits their breeding needs. Please use the contact form on this site or to speak with us phone +61 427 732538.

Export accredited semen now available

GRS currently has export qualified semen available from four of our Goorambat Wagyu bulls:

  • Goorambat Mr. Marble K483 (GRSFK0483)
  • Goorambat Terutani F146 (GRSFF0146)
  • Peppermill Grove D139 (PMGFD0139)
  • Goorambat N882 (GRSFN0882)

Semen for domestic use is available from four of our very exciting young bulls who show great potential:

  • Goorambat N806 (GRSFN0806)
  • Goorambat N882 (GRSFN0882)
  • Goorambat N895 (GRSFN0895)
  • Goorambat R1139 (GRSFR1139)

For more information on Goorambat Wagyu  or on Goorambat Wagyu bulls visit and view sales.

Sexed semen is also available.  For more information and a discussion paper on the use of sexed semen please send us a request via the contact page on this website.


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Mr Marble K483.pdf