Goorambat Wagyu


GRS runs a stud herd of approximately 80 fullblood Wagyu females, which have been selected carefully with the aim of producing Wagyu progeny of the highest quality. We are looking to produce an animal with frame and the ability to milk, yet still produce progeny that marble and provide a high quality carcass.

We have taken a slightly different road to many Wagyu breeders with our breeding methods. We use a selection of young sires in order to produce the “next generation” of breeding alongside selected proven sires so that we can benchmark the performance of each group.


We use a series of different tools to maximise the potential of the herd. This includes the use of Breedplan to measure the performance of different groups within herd. It allows us to see the performance of different sires within groups and rank how individual bulls are performing against the older proven sires on traits such as growth, birth weight etc.

Embryo sexing and embryo splitting is used to bias the ratio of female to male calves. This has allowed us to build numbers of heifers quickly as well as giving us the option of maximising female calves from the donor dams we wish to concentrate on. We can then produce numbers of male calves from frozen sexed embryos as we identify the best performing pedigrees.

Another tool is the embracing of genomic technology to try and identify genetic traits that may be advantageous. One of these is the Japanese Exon 5 and SCD test. Our females are tested and we then use sires that meet our base requirements for breeding but also test well for Exon 5 and SCD.


There are always a number of female Wagyu’s in our embryo transfer program. These females are run on the GRS embryo export centre so that we can produce Wagyu embryos for both international and/or for domestic sale in Australia.

The donors themselves are in a regular embryo collection process and so embryos are available for sale at most times. We also offer the option for clients to use the sire/s of their choice on the donors when producing embryos. This allows the extra advantage of producing bloodlines that suit the buyers own breeding requirements.

For a full list of the donors and their pedigrees, refer to the Australian Wagyu Association website and look under the “Goorambat” prefix in the animal search category.